Is it possible to live in a constant state of bliss? On a visit to Costa Rica I found out what  the term Pura Vida really means. In Costa Rica, the term “Pure Life”  is used generically for a lot of things good and bad – as a greeting, as an excuse for being late,  for  a beautiful view of the ocean as you ride on a horse. When a car breaks down and traffic stalls.  Maybe it means being detached from the vicissitudes of life. Montezuma, a remote town in the Nicoya peninsula is as close to paradise as I can imagine.  In the midst of a thunderstorm, safe inside a tree top house,  I watch lightening brighten up a beach and rain pour through the canopy. This is truly getting away from it all. 

 You come all the way to see the Arenal Volcano, but it’s been raining  for weeks and it doesn’t look like the mountain wants to be seen. Never mind – you walk through the rain forest wearing a raincoat and see a tiny leaf cutter ant carrying a giant piece of leaf on it’s back. Miraculously, the next day, you see the sun shining through your hotel room window and you see the mountain in all it’s glory.  Shy and beautiful, hiding behind a few tufts of clouds. Pura Vida.

For some strange reason I have the  deepest sleep in Costa Rica that I have ever experienced, despite all the coffee drinking. There is something magical about the place. But Pura Vida is a lot more than just travel and fun. It’s about raising your consciousness and holistic living. Learning to communicate compassionately and finding your passion.  It’s about the law of attraction and health and wellness. Join me on this journey to find that elusive state of being.


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  1. Totally Agree! Blissful Costa Rica indeed!! Just got back from Hermosa/Liberia. Monteverde is indeed Heaven on Earth!!! Pura Vida aptly describes the experience of bliss. Talked to my wife about settling there in retirement!


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